About me

The more we challenge ourselves, the more we find who we truly are.

For most of my life, I never thought I could be an entrepreneur. I was convinced I was just “the kind of person” who belonged in a traditional job at a traditional company.

On top of that…I NEVER thought I could trade my Paris address for life as a traveling expat. (And while raising children, no less!)

Yet here I am, having many times defied what my brain claimed was fact.

That’s why I love life coaching.

What I learned is, I never would have discovered who I truly am had I not challenged those thoughts about what I was capable of and who I was supposed to be. I firmly believe…

Coaching offers a method and a toolset for living life successfully:

Which to me, is about being open to finding your true best path, even when that looks totally different from what you expected and a bit like something you “shouldn’t, couldn’t do”…

It’s being the one to decide where life takes you.

Compassionately challenging your old limitations of what you’re capable of and what you’re allowed to have. And contributing greatly to yourself and those you love.

Hey there

I’m Céline Leclef

Céline Leclef leaning against a wall, arms crossed, relaxed, smiling

I’m a Certified Life Coach, former Communications Director and French expat living around the world with my husband and two children.

I work with ambitious professionals & parents who want to figure out what gives them lasting, meaningful satisfaction. And create more of it.

It’s a journey. I’m here so you feel supported on the way.

To speed up the inner work you need to be at your best, be more of who you truly are, and surprise yourself with who you can become.

Inside and out.

I create a supportive space for you to find
yourself in the challenge.

Céline is a natural coach who has passion and compassion to support my growth journey. She asked sharp questions and pushed boundaries without sounding offensive. Her humility, passion and elicitation skills made her a pleasure to work with.”

Levenza, Perfumery VP
young professional woman sitting at her office, smiling

The beauty of coaching?

Less questioning whether you’re doing it right.

  • Only making sacrifices that make sense.
  • Spending your energy where it counts.
  • Standing up for yourself effectively.
  • Giving & receiving enough in your relationships.

More confidently doing what’s best-for-you.

Showing up at your best. Making your biggest impact. Connecting deeply with people you care about. Having time for the people and experiences that matter.

I know what it’s like to be giving everything to your work, and still feel unclear on where it’s taking you…

This was me ten years ago, texting at 6:45pm:

“I won’t be on time for dinner. Save my seat, have a drink — I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Then at 7:45 — “I’m still tied up here. Can you order me the salmon with asparagus? I’ll be there soon!”

Then at 8:45 — “I’m sorry, I really need to finish this tonight. Can you pack my food to go? Maybe we can have dessert together.”

Then finally… walking in the door sometime past 10… “I’m sorry guys. I’m too tired, and I have a meeting at 7:30am. I’ll make it up to you soon, I promise.”

Thank goodness it’s not the norm to work 14 hour days anymore, the way I did back then. Even the most ambitious people I meet make a real effort to unplug.

At the same time, when you’re in a position with a lot of responsibility — whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, or a rising star at your company — and especially if you’re a parent on top of that…

Life can still feel like a grind.

With so much on our plates and other people to care for, we might struggle to relax when we do have time off, and feel too drained to meet friends, workout, journal or read.

When I was working those 14 hour days, it felt like I had no choice. If I wanted to make it, I had to make hard sacrifices. When I took a step back and looked deeper, I realized none of that was true. The truth was, I didn’t even know why I was working so hard.

I knew I wanted MORE, and hoped that if I kept working, I would somehow be rewarded, recognized, and complete. Like I had finally “made it.” I couldn’t tell you what exactly I was sacrificing for. Or WHY.

And because I didn’t know I was operating from a need to prove myself, I couldn’t see my choices or my options clearly. And it was years before I made a change.

Céline Leclef sitting in an armchair, leaning towards the camera, smiling

I want something different for you.

I want you to make your sacrifices by choice… To make sure your efforts line up with what’s important to you and the person you are at your core.

I never want you to feel like you have no choice BUT to work the hardest, stay in the same job, or city, or relationship status you’re in. Because you are capable of so much more than you think.

As your coach, I’m thrilled to help you challenge the limits of what your life could be, understand what really drives you, and build the confidence to do more of what’s best-for-you.

I’m certified in tools and methods that help you get those insights faster than you would on your own. And I make this inner work feel more doable, effective and fun.

Céline Leclef standing besides a white armchair with a yellow pillow, arm on her hip, smiling

I help you make sure your commitments line up with what you really want.

Céline has a very comforting approach, but it doesn’t mean you feel like you’re in your cocoon! Each time it felt like a good and desired workout for your mind. I would definitely say that I indeed had a great experience that I was really looking forward to every single time.”

Polina, Housewife

What qualifies me to be your coach?

Experience helping a diverse group of clients get results that mattered to them, including negotiating for a raise, befriending difficult, getting their creative spark back, following through on daunting projects, and feeling completely differently about life with just a few small shifts.

I am Certified by the Life Coach School (American school), which sets the standard for the practice internationally, and a Deep Dive Coach certified by the Deep Dive Coaching Institute (Canadian institute) with an Advanced Coaching Certification. Together, these methods allow me to quickly laser in on what’s going on with you, and support you in taking small steps that build confidence.

If you’re navigating a big organization, or corporate environment, I understand what you’re going through and what it takes to excel at your job, because I have over ten years experience rising in the ranks in communications across industries, culminating in forming my own department as Communications Director.

My coaching principles

These are a few of the qualities I hold dear, which I bring into my coaching and my approach to life.


Life is both positive and negative, and so are people. The more we accept our flaws and learn to work with our difficult emotions, the more we grow into our most powerful selves. What you think, feel and what you tell yourself, can come from your brain, your body or your intuition.


I believe there is always more than one truth, and that’s a beautiful thing. If we’re willing to let go of needing to have all the facts or knowing what’s possible, we open up to being and doing more of what we’re capable of.


Being very attentive is how I show I care. To everyone in my life, including clients. Listening closely to every detail, I can hear what matters to you, help you connect the dots, and answer your life’s biggest questions — without even realizing that’s the work you’re doing.


I believe in trying to love others, even if we have to draw boundaries with them. Yes, we can have high-expectations, but it’s actually easier to change and grow into the relationships and situations we want if we come from a place of love.

Am I your coach?

Let’s meet and find out if we’re a fit.

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