Let’s go where your mind has never gone before.

And find out what MORE you’re truly capable of.

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Céline Leclef

Nice to meet you

I’m Céline Leclef.

I’m a Certified Life Coach for ambitious professionals & parents who seek meaningful satisfaction in their career, relationships and best-fit lifestyle.

What’s going to make you feel the most alive?

What does it look like to do your best work?

And what can you be thinking and doing today to avoid repeating the patterns that hold you back?

Does this sound like you?

You like to excel in everything you do. While knowing your efforts matter.

You’re not one to back down from a challenge. You may not easily admit it… but you’ve crossed some important life goals off your list.

The problem is, your responsibilities leave little space to ask life’s big questions.

We only need one hour a week.

I help you make that space, answer those questions, and have the confidence to do what’s best for you, your family & your desired future.

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What stops us from feeling complete, confident and allowed to relax:

We are driven, conscious and highly capable. And yet, we have human brains – both powerful and flawed.

Brains that do everything they can to keep us secure, predictable,
and eternally too-busy.

  • Chasing desires and goalposts that bring a dopamine hit, but somehow don’t add-up to meaningful satisfaction.
  • Compensating for where we’re not satisfied with comforts that drain our money, energy, or attention.
  • Focusing on who we “should be” or “have to be” to survive, so we never find who we truly are.

The good news is, we can change these patterns and start sending our energy towards what we really want.

And for many people, 1:1 coaching is the quickest, most engaging and supportive way to do so.

Start by booking a free call with me today or filling the Contact form.

I help you break open the possibilities for MORE

Meaning. Purpose. Motivation. Connection. Money. Aliveness. Celebration. Joy.

Learning to work with our thoughts and emotions, we find our true capacity for doing all the amazing things our brain has been trying to keep us safe from

I’m not just talking about big, crazy things like moving around the world or sky-diving (though if that’s your dream, I’m here for it!).

Often it can be the smallest internal shifts that make life feel totally different… even if we keep the same job, partner, and address (if that’s what’s best for us!).

This inner work makes all the difference between letting time decide your future for you, and having an influence over your reality.

And it makes your pursuit of excellence feel deeply worth it.

I believe we need both challenge AND kindness.
Ambition AND acceptance.

Céline Leclef sitting in a white armchair, laptop on her knees, smiling at the camera

Working with Céline was the right blend of knowing my coach had my back, and working actively for myself. She asked inquisitive questions and challenged me while listening attentively. She is honest, open and she genuinely cares.

Céline, Writer

Take an easy first step

Book a free call and find out if I’m your coach.

Whether or not coaching together is a fit, I invite you to take a first step on the quest to figure out what’s truly, deeply best-for-you.

I know the feelings that come up when you think about making a change, building a new skill or taking a risk. The terror and the thrill!

I do believe it’s the things that really make you feel something — even doubt or fear — that are often worth exploring.

I’m happy to offer this no-pressure time for you to do just that.

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I send occasional reminders to contemplate YOU.